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Hi-NRG has programs for all ages and skills levels – there is something here for your cheerleader or gymnast! Find out why Hi-NRG Gymnastics is the right gym for your athlete! We are continually looking for new opportunities to help build confidence in children.

Our O’Fallon – Highway K location is the perfect place to come when you are looking for confidence building gymnastics!

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When selecting gymnastics O’ Fallon, MO, there are a lot of factors in play. Here at Hi-NRG, we are mindful of all that you consider when putting your child’s interests and needs at the forefront of your decision.

Club Fitness O’Fallon, MO for Kids
Preschool and Kids Gymnastics O’Fallon, MO
Why Choose Hi-NRG for Gymnastics O’Fallon, MO
About O’Fallon, MO

For athletes of all ages and abilities, you will be impressed with the programs we have in place. Visit us today or give us a call to learn more!

The Club Fitness for kids in O’Fallon, MO

Hi-NRG stands above the rest when it comes to gymnastics O’Fallon, MO. We offer top of the line programs and opportunities that will have your kids jump for fun in O’Fallon, MO. When working with Hi-NRG, we work to ensure your child grows as a gymnast or cheerleader and as an individual with mental strength, balance, and determination, demonstrating that they can do anything that they set their mind to. This is why we’ve built out such a diverse array of programs.

Our lesson plan includes skills such as handstands, cartwheels, forward and backward rolls, candlesticks on bars, walking and bear crawling on beams, and basic elements on the trampoline. Our emphasis is on the excitement of learning! We believe that every child is eager to learn due to the exhilarating experience when making new connections. We instill an “I CAN” attitude that will improve all athletics skills for years to come.

Throughout the course of your child’s development and education at Hi-NRG, we strive to have them grow and achieve their highest potential while understanding the importance of progressive development. Gymnastics is a challenging sport that provides benefits for children years after they mature into adulthood. The patience and perseverance that comes with developing a new skill is refined during their time spent with coaches and in classes.

Visit us today or call to speak with one of our coaches if you have any questions or are seeking guidance on where to place your child.

Kids Gymnastics O’Fallon, MO

High quality gymnastics in O’Fallon, MO is the center of all that we do at Hi-NRG. It is the key to our success and the key to your child’s success. The success of students balanced with the safety of children drives our business model and philosophy of training.

The coaches at Hi-NRG are well-trained coaches committed to your child’s success! We deliver fun and productive classes every week, and are an industry leader whose mission is to inspire children’s confidence. What is most important to our coaches is that your child is advancing at an appropriate level – never pushing past the boundaries of the child’s capabilities. Hi-NRG coaches maintain a positive attitude to motivation your child through productive challenges, ensuring growth and development.

Our curriculum is innovative, producing new skills that build confidence. Hi-NRG hires and trains only the highest quality coaches who have experience teaching and working with children. Safety and uplifting communication are the two pillars that create the foundation of Hi-NRG’s success.

Hi-NRG is the top choice for club fitness in O’Fallon, MO with all of the different options of how your child can fit into our programs and environment.

Why Choose Hi-NRG for Gymnastics O’Fallon, MO

Hi-NRG has various classes, including tumbling, Pre-school & Parent Child, Boys Programs, and others. To ensure that your child develops into the best gymnast that they can become, we suggest enrolling the student in a variety of different programs. The benefits gained include becoming more well rounded as a gymnast, gaining confidence in their abilities, learning different coaching techniques and styles from the different coaches, and more fun all around!

If your child is younger, specifically the toddler age, you should enroll in our pre-school & parent-child program. Our parent & child class gives toddlers a jump start in fitness and social development. With the guidance of our Hi-NRG staff, we allow your child to explore the world around them in new and exciting ways. Sign up today and enjoy the excitement of our parent-child class that combines gymnastics and gross motor activities to produce the stimulation young minds crave. HI-NRG kindly requests that an adult accompany the athlete.

Outside of the main courses that we offer we have also designed specialty classes for specific developmental needs, all hosted in a fun atmosphere and enthusiastic environment.

HI-NRG is the place to come for club fitness O’Fallon, MO. To learn more about our programs and classes in depth, visit some of our other webpages for information.

About O’Fallon, MO,

O’Fallon, MO is in a perfect location right between Lake St. Louis and St. Peters, so there are plenty of opportunities to explore and see new areas of Missouri. You can visit the Weldon Spring Conservation Area for some hiking and boating adventures. If you are more of a laid back type of explorer, you can head over to the Nuclear Waste Adventure Trail and Museum. The name can be deceiving but leave the nuclear connotation out of your mind and enjoy time outside!

There are plenty of park and playground options as well if you are looking for a more family-friendly afternoon. Check out Zachary’s playground, Brendan’s playground, or 370 Lakeside Park for a guaranteed fun time.

Voted by locals, the top places to eat include Bristol Seafood Restaurant, Sugarfire Smoke House, McGurk’s Public House, Hobos At The Legion, and Ethyl’s Smokehouse. Dogwood Social is opening a new location so be sure to check them out!

Whether you are a local or just visiting, there is a way for you to find peace and enjoy your time in O’Fallon Missouri. We are a short drive from Main Street St. Charles and The Streets St. Charles.

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