Gymnastics for Kids – Benefits, Risks, and Activities

Gymnastics is an excellent sport for children and young people alike. Whether your child plans to take part in competitive gymnastics or not, its benefits are immensely valuable.


The benefits of gymnastics are realized on both physical and mental levels. Preschool gymnastics and 3- year-old gymnastics lay a strong foundation for all athletics. The skills that children develop in gymnastics can be leveraged in other sports like hockey, football, basketball, and volleyball to name a few.

Gymnastics for kids are great for overall health as well. The immediate benefits of gymnastics are realized in the form of better physical strength and stamina.

When children practice gymnastics, they develop their mind and body coordination.

Starting at an early age develops sportsmanship in children and makes them a humble and supportive sportsman, which plays a key role in long-term success


Like with any other sport, gymnastics also carries risks, though it doesn’t mean that you should hesitate to get your children enrolled in preschool gymnastics or upper-level classes.

Risks can be avoided in many ways. Some of the practices that HI-NRG implements to minimize risks are:

  • Laying strong foundations of fundamentals by teaching the basics of movements to children
  • Giving children confidence through our comprehensive confidence-building curriculum
  • Having professional and highly-trained instructors supervising the children at all times to ensure they are practicing gymnastics in a safe manner