Girls Gymnastics


Girls’ gymnastics classes are highly beneficial for both body and mind and encourage discipline and motivation. Girls gymnastics helps young girls become self-dependent from an early age, teaches perseverance and also builds endurance and stamina.

Strength, Confidence & Focus

Girl gymnasts are all-in-one athletes – strong, confident, and focused. Our students at Hi-NRG are kids full of energy and excitement for improving every day. As they work with their peers they develop their socialization skills. There’s a real sense of camaraderie and they are friendly with all members in their groups. We often see our veterans step in to help new students whenever they need it.

Why sign your child up for girls gymnastics?

Our classes will help your child grow and learn new skills on the mat, that they can expand on with time and pursue competitive gymnastics if they wish. Outside of the skills that they gain in the gym, they'll learn respect for one another and their trainers, gain important listening skills and create bonds with those around them to foster a healthy, team atmosphere.


Building Blocks of Gymnastics
Path 29 Floor
hinrg-icon-vault Vault
hinrg-icon-bolt Bars
hinrg-icon-bolt Beam


At this level, girls will learn the fundamentals of gymnastics on all apparatuses, such as floor/vault, beam, bars, & trampoline, as well as proper safety skills handstand and cartwheel progressions, forward and backward rolling, back bend development, drills on beam for body awareness and balance, upper body strength stations on bars, and basic skills on trampoline. All of our lesson plans are designed to progress into a new, more advanced skill. Throughout the school year, the athletes will have acquired a number of skills to perform a routine.


PREREQUISITE: Athletes must have mastered a unassisted bridge kick over and a running round-off.

This class takes gymnastics to the next level! Girls will continue working on their current skill sets to establish consistency and proper body awareness. We combine their progressions with new, exciting skills including back handsprings, front tucks, walkovers, handstands/cartwheels on beam and different skill combinations. Coaches will challenge the athletes to set new goals for themselves and make the most out of each turn for optimum success.

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