What Gymnastics Classes Look Like for Different Age Groups

Let’s look at the skills that children of different age groups learn in their gymnastic classes:

Preschool Gymnastics (18 months – 5 years old)

Preschool gymnastics is a great way to spark interest in athleticism and fitness in preschoolers. These classes do not involve intense training but more resemble structured play. At HI-NRG, preschoolers are taught through a systematic approach.

The first target is to build confidence through our comprehensive program. Once the children are comfortable and confident, the instructors teach the fundamentals of movement. This is to ensure that they develop a strong base for practicing gymnastics and it makes them less injury-prone.

Preschool classes also focus on building social skills, strength, and basic gymnastics skills to provide a strong foundation to later attempt moves like aerials, cartwheels, and other advanced skills.

Kids (5-7 years old)

When kids reach 5 years of age, they start practicing more challenging activities. That’s when they become competitive, practice with their peers, and become more aware of their skills and connections with their instructors.

If a child was previously enrolled in preschool gymnastics class, they will have a strong grasp of the fundamentals of gymnastics which will make their transition to more challenging skills easier. This is also the age when many kids are ready to practice more advanced gymnastics skills that show their artistic strength.