When Should a Child Start Gymnastics?

Gymnastics are a great way to encourage a child’s interest in fitness and sports.

When should a child start gymnastics? A child can start practicing preschool gymnastics as young as 18 months.

Some might think that an 18-month old child is too young to practice gymnastics, but beginning early helps develop a lifelong interest in fitness. Every child is different and develops at their own rate.

Some 18-month old children don’t need their parents to accompany them to their gymnastic classes, while other children need their parents to be nearby. The classes at HI-NRG are flexible and will work with what is best for each child.

When it comes to starting gymnastics, there’s no hard and fast rule regarding age. Although starting at 18 months of age will give a child a head start, children of older age groups can also become proficient at gymnastics.