Why Choose HI-NRG Gymnastics For Your Children

Gymnastics lessons are an excellent exercise for young girls and there are many benefits they can get from it. We’re eager to show you why HI-NRG Gymnastix is the best choice for your young girls to start gymnastics. Our staff consists of highly qualified coaches and we have some of the best gymnastics professionals who are committed to girls’ training and their proper learning process.

Our coaches strive to give the kids the best first approach with this sport. Plus, our coaches are passionate about gymnastics and have years of experience in areas like tumbling, aerial silks, cheerleading, and so much more.

Thanks to our staff’s passion and commitment to girls’ training, Hi-NRG now has top notch competition teams. We train both boys and girls in the competition categories and they often participate in regional and national competitions. Our competitive teams have attended numerous competitions and have many wonderful one-of-a-kind experiences.

HI-NRG has five locations equipped with all the accessories our athletes will need during their training. From bars to trampolines, our equipment is made of high-tech materials allowing girls to have a more complete gymnastics training. Some of our equipment is exclusive to our gym as the owner of HI-NRG works closely with equipment manufacturers to develop and evolve equipment. Our gymnastics classes are designed for the students to show what they have learned and to build confidence, performances make both kids and parents very excited.

Together with the girls’ gymnastics program, we have other programs available at HI-NRG like the Preschool Gymnastics program and Private Lessons. The preschool program was created especially for children between 3 and 5 years old to start practicing gymnastics, tumbling, and cheerleading. They will develop certain basic skills that will allow them to start learning advanced movements in gymnastics and tumbling and cheerleading.

Our Private Lesson Academy (PLA) is available for athletes who are committed to hard work and outstanding results. This program helps athletes cultivate the ability to set and achieve goals, meanwhile building exceptional athletes.

Whether your child is just starting to consider gymnastics or they’re looking for a new gym, we’d love to show you what Hi-NRG has to offer. We think you’ll find that our commitment to fostering a love of gymnastics, combined with creating successful athletes is what sets us apart. Give us a call and we’ll be happy to answer any questions.