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Tumbling is a discipline based on gymnastics and athleticism. As you can imagine, it’s a whole-body training where people develop strength and flexibility. Tumbling is often considered an essential skill with regard to other activities like artistic gymnastics and cheerleading.



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HI-NRG provides tumbling classes for children where they learn the basic movements. These basic movements are the foundation on which to build more complex skills and feats of strength. As students begin to get more familiar with the capability and limitations of their body, they are challenged to learn more complicated skills.

The overall benefits of tumbling are not only physical, but cognitive and emotional.

Our tumbling classes at Hi-NRG are focused on teaching children first and foremost the safety rules all the while making them feel comfortable in the learning environment. As they develop and gain more confidence, they will be more open to learning something a bit more challenging.

Rest assured that HI-NRG has the best coaches to provide your kids with the best learning opportunity in a safe and encouraging environment. One of the things our coaches care about the most is the feeling and emotions of their students. 

One thing we put into practice is at the end of each class coaches talk to the students about their day. Parents tell us that this helps their children feel heard and cared for by a vested adult other than a family member.

Asking engaging questions on a routine basis also helps develop communication skills. Parents find this especially helpful as they experience their child open up to them at home. Another tradition for our coaches is to go around and ask students what their favorite part of the class is and what they learned. This encourages kids to go home and easily share all the fun stuff in their day!

Tumbling Class for Young Children

Children love to play, jump and roll around. Parents who want to harness that energy will often enroll them in tumbling classes. Not only is tumbling a great outlet for unspent energy, but it is an excellent form of exercise for kids. Tumbling includes round-offs, twists, somersaults, handsprings, tucks, and dismounts. It also combines athleticism with beauty and grace to perform fun and complex routines.

In our classes, kids learn to control their body movements thus bringing short and long-term benefits. Most importantly they have fun. This sport develops core strength as it is needed to perform whole-body movements and then be able to stick landings. As a child learns to use large muscle groups to push themselves off the ground, they also learn to use all the senses to safely land upright again.

To keep everyone safe as they learn, we use different equipment to make sure kids are in a controlled environment so that they do not injure themselves. By learning spatial awareness and body control tumbling also improves balance, which is essential for nearly every other sport like football and soccer.

Having the parents involved in classes is another important part of the children’s development at tumbling. That’s why we promote parents to stay during class times and observe what our students are learning. We encourage both children and parents to be open and express their ideas to make HI-NRG a better place for kids to grow as athletes.

Tumbling Classes for Beginners

Tumbling classes include all the basic movements of gymnastics: backbend, handstand, and cartwheel. These are just a few of the main movements children learn when they start tumbling. If your child is interested in tumbling and they’re just starting out we have a class for them. No matter if they’ve taken a tumbling class before or not, we can put them in a class that is appropriate to their age and skill level.

Our classes are 50 to 80 minutes in duration depending on the degree of complexity. At the beginning of each class, we dedicate 15 minutes to stretch and warm up correctly to avoid injuries. and it is to aid in athlete safety, but to allow for more repetitions, and more time with the coach.. Your child’s safety is of utmost importance to us.

Practicing tumbling has a lot of benefits  especially in children. It has been proven that children who start practicing a sport early in their life will have healthier habits. Also, children who practice an activity like tumbling have a greater chance to develop certain cognitive skills. We find that kids who are active in any sport, have much greater attention and memory. These are skills that are excellent at helping them later on in other areas of their life.

Why Enroll My Children in a Cheer Tumbling Class

There are many benefits children can get from tumbling classes. A lot of our students are interested in tumbling classes to enhance other skills like cheerleading or aerial gymnastics. While not necessary, tumbling does complement many other types of sports. Tumbling is useful if your child is interested in competitive cheer or interested in cheerleading at their school.

Cheer tumbling adds another element to cheerleading for kids, but it does involve some risk and therefore it shouldn’t be a self-taught skill. When it comes to cheer tumbling there are many other factors to consider, and our coaches are prepared to teach skills that are safe and fun to do.

When it comes to cheerleading and tumbling we find that it’s best to learn the skills properly and then incorporate them into routines. Sometimes students want to jump ahead and get right to performing complex cheer tumbling, which has the potential to put themselves and others at serious risk of injury.

Cheer tumbling without proper instruction is not recommended!

However, since tumbling is such an all-around skill, we find that it helps children increase strength and muscle development and that leads to healthy bones. This is especially important as kids’ bodies are still growing. The stronger the entire skeletal system, the more adequate growing a child can do.

Flexibility is also essential in tumbling. If a person is not flexible their body will not be able to perform more and more complex movements essential for tumbling. We teach children how to stretch properly and this routine allows them to excel in other sports or activities that require an advanced level of flexibility. Also, flexibility works as a shock absorber as it reduces the chances of injuries while training.

As a matter of fact, flexibility often comes accompanied by strength. As children start exercising and grow core muscle groups, they will remain toned and learn to control their body to perform the movements and routines properly. Children, in general, are in a crucial part of life where they acquire new skills easily, and when they practice tumbling their cognitive processes improve as well. This cognitive and muscle coordination is necessary for nearly everything we do in life. The same happens when kids have to memorize routines or concentrate to learn a new skill. We love watching kids improve their concentration and attention skills, as we know this will also help their brain to remain healthy and active.

In tumbling classes, we rely on not only vocal cues but also visual cues through the assistance of tangible materials. We’re looking to engage both gross and fine motor skills, which is exceptionally important in children.

In addition, tumbling not only helps children to be healthy and strong, but it also has an influence on their self-esteem. Practice and routine train children to grow more confident as they grow stronger in their control over their bodies. Confidence and a sense of accomplishment are important to self-esteem, especially at a young age. Tumbling also empowers kids to be themselves and grow knowing they are capable of accomplishing anything they want to do.

How Tumbling Class Activities Promotes Social Development

Children are in a stage of life where they are discovering everything around them and it’s in this stage when they start developing social skills. Because of this, we at Hi-NRG know that social skills play an important role in just every part of a child’s life. Social skills are crucial for children to ensure healthy relationships with themselves and others.

By enrolling your kids in a tumbling class, you are helping them develop social skills as they are influenced by other kids and coaches. Students in one of our classes (including tumbling) learn teamwork, effective communication, and empathy. When practicing a sport like tumbling or gymnastics, communication is a primary focus, since the kids need to talk to each other and their coaches. We encourage students to express their ideas and feelings to the coach. As they coordinate their movements in routines with the whole team, it helps enable proper communication where they learn respect for themselves and others.

Along with communication, we stress empathy as part of the core values for our students. Children develop empathy as they learn to put themselves into other people’s shoes. Being on a team that relies on each other to accomplish a main goal will garner empathy.
As children comprehend what the other person is feeling and respect it, they can then encourage one another. Applying yourself every day to be part of the team is a worthwhile objective and makes everyone better.

On the same token, it’s important to learn from mistakes. When children struggle to accomplish a new skill, we are careful to provide encouragement while not being pushy. Everyone at HI-NRG is taught that it is a safe place to communicate how they feel when they fail. Making mistakes is part of the journey and they should be proud of the opportunity to learn from a failure as long as it motivates them to do better.

Our goal is to provide kids with the possibility of a positive perspective of life not just in our gym. We teach respect, discipline, and the value of teamwork. We have some of the best coaches who do all of this while making sure their students are having a blast.

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Tumbling Classes Near Me

HI-NRG has four locations where you can enroll your kids in tumbling classes.


Our Chesterfield location offers all the high-tech equipment for children to practice tumbling like trampolines. We have the best coaches to ensure your children’s success. Plus, we also have aerial silks classes, boys and girls gymnastics, and artistic gymnastics for girls. Chesterfield’s gym is also available for events like open gyms, parents’ night out, and birthday parties, for your kids to have an energetic birthday!

140 Long Road, Suite 121. Chesterfield, MO 63005
Phone number: 636-532-7762


HI-NRG and its Eureka location provide the best tumbling classes in the region. Our wide-open gym is the best place to enroll your kids at tumbling, they will practice a sport while having fun. There are other disciplines we offer in HI-NRG like preschool gymnastics and gymnastics for boys and girls. Our gym is available for certain events like no school camps, summer camps, and winter break camps.

54 The Legends Pkwy. Eureka, MO 63025
Phone number: 636-532-7762


Our O’Fallon location is the best place out there to enroll your kids in tumbling classes. We count on the most qualified coaches to ensure your children the best possible experience. There are other classes we offer in O’Fallon like pre-school gymnastics and gymnastics for boys and girls. The gym is also available for birthday parties, so your children will have an extra special birthday!

1676 State Hwy K., O’Fallon, MO 63366
Phone number: 636-532-7762

Lake Saint Louis

This is our newest location and we are very proud to offer tumbling classes for children. We will make sure children feel safe and have fun with us. We also offer trampoline classes, aerial silks, adaptive gymnastics. And if you’re looking for a place to celebrate a birthday party our gym will suit you well, you can book a birthday party at our gym, it will be a high-energy birthday party!

9930 Highway N. Lake Saint Louis, MO 63367
Phone number: 636-532-7762

Why Choose Hi-NRG Gymnastix for Your Children’s Tumbling Lessons

We hope that if your child is considering adding a tumbling skill to the repertoire that you’ll explore tumbling classes at Hi-NRG. We truly are the best option to enroll your kids.

Hi-NRG has the best-equipped gyms for learning tumbling and cheer tumbling in the country. With the best high-tech equipment we make sure children have a safe and rewarding experience. Having the right equipment facilitates the learning process. We have four locations that offer tumbling so you can pick the one that best suits your children’s needs.

At Hi-NRG, we are extremely proud of the quality of the class we provide. Your children’s safety is one of our primary concerns and that’s why we hire only the best-qualified coaches. Our coaches have the knowledge and experience to teach your children the correct movement and techniques of tumbling all while having fun.

We do things a little different than the average gyms because we’re not just focused on winning championships, but on the development of your child. We encourage our students by making sure they’re completely comfortable learning a new skill or technique. And our safety protocol ensures children keep themselves and others safe. By getting to know your child and calling them by name, we are getting acquainted with their personality and how best to coach them. Our friendly learning environment means that the relationship between coaches and kids is the best that it can be.

We are confident that you will trust our coaches just as we do. Your child will feel a sense of accomplishment as they work hard and improve. We believe that our positive environment will foster a love for exercise and health and a great sense of self-worth. As it turns out perseverance is a muscle that only improves if you’re surrounded by encouragement.

Our tumbling program is designed to give children the best class. As they expand on the fundamental tools of tumbling, students find that they are more self-confident and enjoy working with others as a team. What a sense of accomplishment that is for our youth!

To conclude, HI-NRG is not just a place where children exercise and jump around, it’s where they learn, laugh, and grow not only as athletes but as integral and well-rounded human beings.

Beginner/ Intermediate Tumbling

This class focuses on beginner tumbling skills for Ages 9-18. In this level, you will work on handstands, cartwheels, round-offs, front flips, and back handsprings. Athletes will be able to utilize our spring floors, rod floor, tumble tracks (60-foot trampoline), and euro trampolines throughout the session!

The beginner “fast track” is an additional 20 minutes of strength and conditioning training that takes place right after the tumbling class. Strength and flexibility are the two most important prerequisites for success in gymnastics/tumbling. Our coaches are well trained to deliver a workout program that helps condition athletes to the necessary level to perform more advanced tumbling skills.


Intermediate/ Advanced Tumbling

This class is designed for Ages 9-18 who want to focus on advanced tumbling skills. This class targets standing back tucks, round-off 2 back handsprings, round-off back handspring back tucks as well as introductions to layouts and twisting. Athletes will be able to utilize our spring floors, rod floor, tumble tracks (60- foot trampoline), and euro trampolines throughout the session!

This class will conclude with 20 minutes of strength and conditioning training. At this level of tumbling, the conditioning aspect of their training is crucial for the attainment of the more advanced skills, such as layouts and twisting. We incorporate strength and conditioning to create athleticism in the tumblers so they are able to reach new levels. Athletes must have mastered a back handspring UNASSISTED on the trampoline to enroll in this class.


Competitive Trampoline and Tumbling

Trampoline and Tumbling or “TNT” is the fastest growing segment of gymnastics because it incorporates the fun, explosive movements kids crave. Trampoline is an Olympic event and power tumbling is what all gymnasts, dancers and cheerleaders need to succeed. Our competitive TNT program gives athletes the opportunity to compete their hard-earned skills and learn new ones that will develop extraordinary athleticism. TNT also gives gymnasts, dancers and cheerleaders a competitive advantage. Call now to view a TNT Team workout!


Jr. Tumbling

This class is perfect for beginner tumblers ages 5-8. This class will focus on all the basics of tumbling; forward and backward rolls, handstands, cartwheels, round-offs, standing back bends, with an introduction to back handsprings. Athletes will be able to utilize our spring floors, rod floor, tumble tracks (60-foot trampoline), and euro trampolines throughout the session!

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