Super Fun Trampoline Games for Kids

Being inspired by trapeze artists and the safety nets they set up while doing the death-defying tricks, inventors Griswold and Nissen desired to take along the fun of hopping through the air to the people.

Similar to other great inventions, these two started in the humble garage. Nissen, a teenage gymnast, was first to try the prototype. Created from tire inner tubes and scrap steel, he finally toured bringing the ‘bouncing rig’ with him as part of his act in the Iowa Hawkeye Circus.

The tour was a success which gave Griswold and Nissen the confidence to form a company in 1936 and start the mass manufacturing of the trampoline as we know it today.

Now, with a kids trampoline, you can turn an ordinary backyard into a fun place. A durable trampoline can last for several years, bringing another way of fun for your children of different ages and also for the kid-at-heart adults in your family.

A kids trampoline continues to attract families from coast to coast, as it is an economical purchase and doesn’t require too much space.

And now that a kids trampoline manufactured today meets higher safety measures, like the addition of safety nets, it’s even safer than ever. However, parents’ supervision is still advised just to make sure their kids won’t try stunts that might cause injuries.

Trampoline games are a great way to keep your kids happy and busy at home. Trampolines are a great way to encourage kids to get outside and spend all of that extra energy. And bonus – they’re enjoying the fresh air.

With video games and cellphones vying for our kids’ attention, it’s important they have an outlet to exercise and use a different part of their brain. A kids trampoline set up in your backyard is a great way to encourage kids to become more active – most kids don’t even think of it as exercise, it’s just fun!

Parents love trampolines as it allows children to spend time outside with their friends playing various trampoline games. And they agree that trampoline games not only bring fun but also contribute to the growth and development of their kids.

Even if you’re thinking about getting a trampoline or if you already have one, we’re sure that your kids and their friends will never get bored with these trampoline games that we have selected. It has some of the old favorites and a few new ones.

Many of these are super easy to learn, thus suitable for your preschoolers. Some of them are harder which would require more skill and maturity. Almost of all of them can be modified to fit just about any skill level.

So hop in and get to know some of the amusing trampoline games for kids that are getting a lot of hype today.

Bouncing Air Catch

Do you want to get involved in some outdoor activities with your kids? Bouncing Air Catch is one of the perfect ball-based trampoline games for you.

First things first! Ensure the safety of your trampoline so bouncing high won’t be risky for you and your kids. It is best played with two players and a tennis ball as the ideal size in this trampoline game.

This is how you play it:

  • One player should be positioned in the center of the trampoline while the other player is outside the net.
  • The outside player holds the ball first and throws it as high as they can above the trampoline.
  • The center player must be good at timing as they should hop and try to catch the ball while they are airborne.
  • Every successful catch of the center player while in the air is worth one point!
  • The winner is determined by whoever achieves the most number of successful catches.

It’s important to remember that it’s ultimately safest if only one person is using the trampoline at a time. Use a ball that is soft and bouncy so that it doesn’t hurt if it should come in contact with someone.

Tweak the game by adding bonus points for special tricks or being able to recite a song or nursery rhyme while trying to catch the ball.

Little Sally Walker

Do your kids like to incorporate singing in their games? Then this sing-along and trick trampoline game is for them! It is called Little Sally Walker.

The rules are really easy to follow which is ideally suitable for young kids.

This is how you play it:

  • One kid is “Little Sally Walker” if she’s a girl and “Little Willy Walker” if a boy.
  • They jog around the trampoline while the other children stand on the edges singing this song:
    Little Sally Walker, walking down the street
    She didn’t know what to do, so she stopped in front of me
    She said, Hey girl, do your thing, do your thing and switch!
    Hey, girl do your thing, do your thing and switch!
  • When they get to the part “Hey girl, do your thing” the Little Sally Walker kid stops in the center of the trampoline, then points to one of the other players, and performs a trick.
  • As the other children continue to sing the line “Hey girl, do your thing, do your thing and switch!”
  • The kid who was pointed at by the Little Sally Walker copies the trick and switches places with Little Sally Walker.
  • Then that player becomes the new Little Sally Walker and the trampoline game continues this routine.

This lively game gives every kid the opportunity to showcase the tricks they’ve mastered while having a good laugh with their friends.

Add On

This trampoline game is similar to “Simon” or Memory. The challenge increases as time goes on. Especially if multiple people are playing. Kids love it because they get to show off some skills or make up new moves.

Add On can be played with as few as two players but we all know the saying – the more the merrier!

For safety purposes, please make sure you have a safety net installed so that the “egg” player does not fly off the trampoline.

This is how you play it:

  • At the start of the game, one person will begin by performing one skill (jump, tumble, etc.)
  • Immediately after the first person performs their skill, the next person repeats the skill, but adds a new skill.
  • The next player (or the first player if just two people are playing) takes their turn by performing the first and second skill, followed up by a new skill.

As you can tell, this game can get pretty fun really fast. Depending on how good your memory is, this game could go on for some time. This not only tests your physical skills, but your memory skills.

You can tweak it with your own rules by adding “strikes” for anyone who doesn’t perform the sequence correctly and then “three strikes you’re out”. 

Just a reminder for parents out there that when you set up your trampoline, choose a spot where debris, such as branches and leaves, will not land onto the trampoline.

It is also advised to place it where you can see the kids play to make sure no one is doing anything dangerous that may hurt their playmates. Trampolines can be risky but the installment of padding and a safety net around the frame will be helpful to reduce the danger.

Why it is Good to Play Trampoline Games with Your Kids

We can all agree that trampoline games for kids are fun. Even us adults can’t contain a huge smile from spreading as we jump around on a kids trampoline.

This is why a good trampoline is an excellent long-term investment as we have found that kids retreat to the backyard to jump on the trampoline summer after summer after summer. And in areas where the weather is nice – many play year-round.

This is especially true if kids are introduced to a variety of games they can play with their friends or parents. Feel free to get creative and modify any of the above games with your own rules and make it your own.

So besides fun, what are the benefits and advantages of playing games on the trampoline? Because the trampoline is a physical activity, it has many health benefits.

Here some of the advantages of playing trampoline games for kids:

  • A Healthy Heart

Having your kids’ heart rate increase with just 10 minutes of jumping on their trampoline a day strengthens the muscles that are essential for a healthy cardiovascular system. Kids are just having fun bouncing around without even realizing that they are doing a good job for their hearts.

  • A Happy Mind

Do you know the reason why jumping makes everyone feel happy? The reason for that is the increased oxygen circulation which stimulates the release of endorphins, which are mood-enhancers.

The activity of jumping up and down on a trampoline is an entertaining way for kids to wind down after a long day or to spend some of that pent up energy.

  • Increasing their Energy Levels

As little kids jump around, more oxygen is transported through their bodies in the bloodstream. This contributes to their energy level increase which would make them more alert. 

Why not start the day full of energy by playing some trampoline games for kids? This will help wake them up and help them get ready for their day.

  • Motor Skills & Coordination Development

Bouncing on a trampoline requires a certain level of coordination. As an adult, this may be more obvious, if you’ve ever tried to stand on a trampoline. Kids generally have a lower center of gravity, but fine tuning their muscles to keep their balance helps with posture and gross motor skills.

Jumping on a trampoline is a constant shifting of gravity, which requires kids to quickly react by adjusting their positions and bilateral movements.

With trampoline games for kids, they will learn to improve their motor skills, balance, and coordination through jumping, maintaining balance, and concentration all the while having fun!

  • Boost Their Confidence

For young kids who are a little nervous when it comes to new things and physical activities, trampoline games are a great start to boost their confidence.

They can do everything without the concern of doing it right or wrong, playing trampoline games for kids are free and easy to implement, so they can feel success which increases their courage and self-confidence.

  • A Strong Immune System

Jumping around and playing trampoline games is another way for detoxifying the body and strengthening the immune system as it activates internal organs and aids lymphatic circulation. It takes the toxins out of cells and brings nutrients in.

  • Enjoy Fresh Air

As they are being active playing trampoline games, it also gets kids out into the backyard to enjoy a breath of fresh air.

It might take a little coaxing to get them to take a break from screens and get outside. But thanks to trampoline games they’ll get their vitamin D from the sun while they’re having fun.

  • Overall Fun Exercise

Playing trampoline games is not only fun, it is also a full-blown exercise that burns 69% more calories compared to jogging, up to 1000 calories per hour.

This is helpful for those parents who are concerned about their kid’s weight as it provides enough exercise for their body needs. The best thing about it is that kids won’t even know they are working out, to them, it’s just playing around.

They are having fun playing trampoline games while they develop tone and firm muscles, stimulate their metabolism, build their stamina, and start a foundation for participation in other sports.


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