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Girls Gymnastics

Gymnastics is a discipline for everyone and all can benefit from practicing this sport. Girls’ gymnastics classes are highly beneficial for their body and mind. Within our gym, we offer girls gymnastics but also other areas that may be of interest for many young girls. Tumbling classes, aerial silks, and cheerleading use similar motions and skills to girls gymnastics so it’s not uncommon for girls to take an interest in multiple disciplines.



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When it comes to benefits, gymnastics is an integral training which means it’s beneficial for the entire body, and that includes the mind. Girls gymnastics helps young girls to become self-dependent from an early age, to build up endurance and stamina, and teaches the importance of perseverance. Competitive gymnastics are very popular among gymnastic girls and boys.

Girl gymnasts are all-in-one athletes. They are strong, confident, and focused. Our students at Hi-NRG are kids full of energy and excitement for improving every day. As they work with their peers they develop their socialization skills. There’s a real sense of camaraderie and they are friendly with all members in their groups. We often see our veterans step in to help new students whenever they need it.

We offer a full variety of programs for different ages, both boys and girls. We have co-ed programs like trampoline classes where girls and boys are together and they learn from each other. We value students’ ability to make new friends and cultivate social skills that they can use inside and outside the gym. Because children need the necessary skills to listen, take advice, follow directions, and be respectful towards their peers and trainers, we find that gymnastics hits the mark on all of those.

The kids in our gym are also encouraged to take turns and motivate one another to create bonds and foster a healthy, team atmosphere. We focus on communication, respect, and tolerance along with improving athleticism while training with us.

Gymnastics Girls Beginner’s Guide

Gymnastics is one of the most esthetic and dynamic sports in the world. Girls gymnastics especially includes the entire body. For that reason, girl gymnasts develop muscle memory, strength, flexibility, kinesthetic and haptic awareness, depth perception, socialization, discipline, organization, prioritization, internal motivation, respect, and more.

HI-NRG girls gymnastics program is designed to give your child the best experience. We train children to be strong, empowered, and confident young girls. There are three different learning levels: beginners, intermediate, and advanced for our students. In order to accomplish several goals and develop certain skills, we encourage regular attendance in an age-appropriate class. Strength, coordination, and flexibility are just some of the main skills girls develop in our classes.

It’s fair to say that we are a performance-based program. That means we do two performances per year because we believe that getting out in front of people helps girls to build confidence. While we don’t like to fail, it does give them an opportunity to develop the courage to try it one more time and perfect movements and techniques. When girls are enrolled in gymnastics classes from an early age, they learn the value of hard work and the sense of accomplishment that is derived from hard work and sustained focus.

girls on gymnastic class

Levels for Girls Gymnastics Classes

Beginners enrolled in our classes will learn how to tumble and use the balance beam, bars, and trampolines.  We teach such basics like handstands, backbends, kick overs, and cartwheels. Our first two types of classes are for beginner gymnasts and are available for 5 to 12 year olds. Skills in our lesson plan include proper start and landing positions for safety. We also provide the knowledge in all the best high-tech apparatus vaults, trampolines, and beam bars.

All of our lesson plans are made to progress into a new, more advanced skill leading them to the next learning level. Later, at the intermediate/advanced level, our gymnastics girls will have the opportunity to learn complex routines which rely heavily on body awareness, poise, and self-control.

Some of the skills in our advanced lesson plan include:

  • back handsprings
  • front tucks
  • back tucks
  • handstands/cartwheels on beam
  • different mixed skilled combinations

These are glorious feats of strength and take a lot of guidance to learn. Girls in all levels will be trained by coaches in order to challenge them to set new goals for themselves and make the most out of each turn for quality success.

Gymnastics Class Safety for Children

At Hi-NRG, your child’s safety matters most to us. Gymnastics is a fun sport and a great way to stay in shape, but there is always a small risk for injury. At HI-NRG our primary concern is for the children’s safety.

Our coaches are highly trained to look after our students. If a student is observed doing the movements incorrectly, coaches will step in and gently correct. If a young gymnast is feeling uncomfortable with a skill, or if they have a concern we are always there for them.

One element of safety that we have put into practice is learning each individual student’s name. It may sound simple, but we think it’s very important because when we are in the gym with multiple students it’s important that each individual feels seen.

Our coaches are trained to look students in the eyes and say their name to ensure they are understanding the guidelines and to let them know they are part of the team. Above all else, knowing and using your child’s name shows that we care about them and how they are feeling.

Also, we work hard to create a friendly environment between coaches and kids to make them feel it’s a safe place to practice and be themselves. We teach them to always warm-up and stretch before training. It’s also imperative that young gymnasts only practice on padded floors, never on a hard surface. We make it clear that we want our students to tell us if they are uncomfortable with a gymnastic move. If our gymnastics girls are comfortable communicating with all of our coaches then there is less opportunity for injury or accidents.

No matter if they are beginners or advanced students, young girls always train with a coach. Gymnastics girls are encouraged to use the equipment only one person at a time and to wear the appropriate gear that won’t get caught on any of the equipment – this includes jewelry.

The development of strength and flexibility is another safety aspect because the more resilient and flexible our young gymnasts are, the less probability for them to get injured. If girls stretch properly and can hold their weight with no difficulties this usually means their body is capable and will help them avoid pain and accidents.

Girls Gymnastics Near Me

Hi-NRG has four locations where you can enroll in our gymnastics girls classes.


We are very proud of our Eureka location because it’s one of the best in the area. HI-NRG offers girls gymnastics classes, where they can get to know their true potential. Also, we have tumbling and ninja obstacle classes, as well as preschool gymnastics lessons. And one of the best things about this location is that you can enjoy our gym for different events like birthday parties, winter and spring break camps!

54 The Legends Pkwy

Eureka, MO 63025



Chesterfield (Long Road)

In Chesterfield, we count on this big location where we have girls gymnastics lessons for your girl to be the gymnast she always wanted to be. We also offer boys gymnastics, trampoline, and tumbling classes, along with our current program called Private Lesson Academy and aerial acrobatics.

140 Long Road, Suite 121. Chesterfield, MO 63005

Phone number: 636-532-7762




At this location, we have several gymnastics classes, and girls gymnastics is one of the top programs we offer. There are lessons for beginners, intermediate, or advanced students. You can also book a day in our gym to celebrate your birthday party!

1676 State Hwy K. O’Fallon, MO 63366

Phone number: 636-532-7762



Lake Saint Louis

Our gym in Lake St. Louis offers classes to girls in gymnastics, where they can grow as whole-trained athletes. Aerial silks and boys gymnastics classes are also part of the programs we teach in this location. Plus, you can book a birthday party at our gym, it will be a high-energy birthday party!

9930 Highway N. Lake Saint Louis, MO 63367

Phone number: 636-532-7762


Special needs program

At Hi-NRG inclusion is very important to us, that’s why we designed an extra special CO-ED program for everyone to join us and become young gymnasts. We have a team of coaches eager to serve anyone with any kind of ability or cognitive development. Our coaches are taught how to communicate effectively so that a child knows exactly what they should be doing and we consider it very important in this program.

One of the things we love about this program is that the regular benefits we see on girls gymnastics are highly duplicated when applying to our special needs classes. Just as is observed in our regular classes, we see that performance and confidence develop faster. And for some specific conditions, the development of strength and flexibility can also be therapeutic. Because the body is obligated to stretch, those exercising muscles can prevent numbness and cramps.

We believe that gymnastics classes at any ability, age, and skill level can help us to accept each other’s differences. We strive to teach our students that our differences are what make us unique and we can overcome obstacles with a little to no effort. We’ve found with most students that if they want to achieve their goals they will be able to do it as long as they are disciplined and committed to stick with it.

Co-ed trampoline classes

Some of our locations have available co-ed trampoline classes where girls learn the basic trampoline movements. These classes are based on inclusion and confidence where both boys and girls practice in a fun and safe environment. Hi-NRG Instructors teach appropriate skill progressions, take-off positions, and air awareness. These classes are often popular with our gymnastics girls as it utilizes similar skills.

Why Choose HI-NRG Gymnastix for Your Children

Gymnastics lessons are an excellent exercise for young girls and there are many benefits they can get from it. We’re eager to show you why HI-NRG Gymnastix is the best choice for your young girls to start gymnastics. Our staff consists of highly qualified coaches and we have some of the best gymnastics professionals who are committed to girls’ training and their proper learning process.

Our coaches strive to give the kids the best first approach with this sport. Plus, our coaches are passionate about gymnastics and have years of experience in areas like tumbling, aerial silks, cheerleading, and so much more.

Thanks to our staff’s passion and commitment to girls’ training, Hi-NRG now has top notch competition teams. We train both boys and girls in the competition categories and they often participate in regional and national competitions. Our competitive teams have attended numerous competitions and have many wonderful one-of-a-kind experiences.

HI-NRG has four locations equipped with all the accessories our athletes will need during their training. From bars to trampolines, our equipment is made of high-tech materials allowing girls to have a more complete gymnastics training. Some of our equipment is exclusive to our gym as the owner of HI-NRG works closely with equipment manufacturers to develop and evolve equipment. Our gymnastics classes are designed for the students to show what they have learned and to build confidence, performances make both kids and parents very excited.

Together with the girls’ gymnastics program, we have other programs available at HI-NRG like the Preschool Gymnastics program and Private Lessons. The preschool program was created especially for children between 3 and 5 years old to start practicing gymnastics, tumbling, and cheerleading. They will develop certain basic skills that will allow them to start learning advanced movements in gymnastics and tumbling and cheerleading.

Our Private Lesson Academy (PLA) is available for athletes who are committed to hard work and outstanding results. This program helps athletes cultivate the ability to set and achieve goals, meanwhile building exceptional athletes.

Whether your child is just starting to consider gymnastics or they’re looking for a new gym, we’d love to show you what Hi-NRG has to offer. We think you’ll find that our commitment to fostering a love of gymnastics, combined with creating successful athletes is what sets us apart. Give us a call and we’ll be happy to answer any questions.

This is one of our signature programs that takes students to the next level through a mixture of gymnastics and fitness. We fine-tune skills emphasizing strength, flexibility, body alignment, and balance. Our target skills are handstands, cartwheels, back bends, and basic skills on bars, beam & trampoline. These target skills start with basic positions and progress into more advanced skill such as round-offs, back walkovers, back handsprings, and front flips. We strive to push each athlete at their current level and guide them to reach their personal goals. Our mission is to cultivate a happy and healthy learning environment that establishes a sense of pride in every class.



Our beginner & intermediate classes are for beginner gymnasts ages 5-12. At this level, girls will learn the fundamentals of gymnastics on all apparatuses: floor/vault, beam, bars, & trampoline. Skills in our lesson plan include: proper start and landing positions for safety, handstand and cartwheel progressions, forward and backward rolling, back bend development, drills on beam for body awareness and balance, upper body strength stations on bars, and basic skills on trampoline. All of our lesson plans are designed to progress into a new, more advanced skill. Throughout the school year, the athletes will have acquired a number of skills to perform a routine.


This class takes gymnastics to the next level! Girls will continue working on their current skill set to establish consistency and proper body awareness. We combine this with introduction of new, exciting skills. Some of the skills in our advanced lesson plan include back handsprings, front tucks, walkovers, handstands/cartwheels on beam and different skill combinations. Coaches will challenge the athletes to set new goals for themselves and make the most out of each turn for optimum success.

To enroll in this class you must have mastered a pull over on the bars, a bridge kick over, and a running round-off.

Special Needs Gymnastics

Adaptive Gymnastics is for all skill levels for those in the special needs community! This class will challenge their cognitive and motor skills as well as increase their confidence. Each athlete will be challenged to their own abilities while learning some of the gymnastics curriculum including bars, beam, floor, and trampoline. All skills can be broken down into learning components best suited for each athletes ability. This 50 minute structured class will help with improvements in balance, strength, and flexibility.

special needs

CO-ED Trampoline Classes

This co-ed class focuses on the fundamentals of trampoline skills and safety. This class is appropriate for ages 5 & up and for beginners who are just getting a start in gymnastics and trampoline. It is geared to athletes who are interested in learning the basic skills of trampoline in a fun and safe environment. Hi-NRG Instructors emphasize appropriate skill progressions, take-off position, and air awareness.

co-ed trampoline classes

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