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Girls Gymnastics

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Girls Gymnastics

This is one of our signature programs that takes students to the next level through a mixture of gymnastics and fitness. We fine-tune skills emphasizing strength, flexibility, body alignment, and balance. Our target skills are handstands, cartwheels, back bends, and basic skills on bars, beam & trampoline. These target skills start with basic positions and progress into more advanced skill such as round-offs, back walkovers, back handsprings, and front flips. We strive to push each athlete at their current level and guide them to reach their personal goals. Our mission is to cultivate a happy and healthy learning environment that establishes a sense of pride in every class.


Level 1 & 2

Our level 1 & 2 classes are for beginner gymnasts ages 5-12. At this level, girls will learn the fundamentals of gymnastics on all apparatuses: floor/vault, beam, bars, & trampoline. Skills in our lesson plan include: proper start and landing positions for safety, handstand and cartwheel progressions, forward and backward rolling, back bend development, drills on beam for body awareness and balance, upper body strength stations on bars, and basic skills on trampoline. All of our lesson plans are designed to progress into a new, more advanced skill. Throughout the school year, the athletes will have acquired a number of skills to perform a routine.


This class takes gymnastics to the next level! Girls will continue working on their current skill set to establish consistency and proper body awareness. We combine this with introduction of new, exciting skills. Some of the skills in our advanced lesson plan include back handsprings, front tucks, walkovers, handstands/cartwheels on beam and different skill combinations. Coaches will challenge the athletes to set new goals for themselves and make the most out of each turn for optimum success.

To enroll in this class you must have mastered a pull over on the bars, a bridge kick over, and a running round-off.

Special Needs Gymnastics

Adaptive Gymnastics is for all skill levels for those in the special needs community! This class will challenge their cognitive and motor skills as well as increase their confidence. Each athlete will be challenged to their own abilities while learning some of the gymnastics curriculum including bars, beam, floor, and trampoline. All skills can be broken down into learning components best suited for each athletes ability. This 50 minute structured class will help with improvements in balance, strength, and flexibility.

special needs

CO-ED Trampoline Classes

This co-ed class focuses on the fundamentals of trampoline skills and safety. This class is appropriate for ages 5 & up and for beginners who are just getting a start in gymnastics and trampoline. It is geared to athletes who are interested in learning the basic skills of trampoline in a fun and safe environment. Hi-NRG Instructors emphasize appropriate skill progressions, take-off position, and air awareness.

co-ed trampoline classes

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