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Aerial Silks

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Aerial Silks


The beginner class is perfect for those that have never done aerial, and those whose skill set remains close to the floor. Within this course the students will learn primary body shapes and aerial terminology. In addition, athletes will be introduced to climbing, foot locks, and striving to link multiple poses/skills together in air. This program will build core and upper body strength as well as a strong foundation for more complex skills.


The intermediate class is for those students with enough aerial experience to comfortably demonstrate climbing, foot locking (in air), and inversion strength upon entry. While in this level they will gain experience with drops and more intricate wraps/sequencing. Composure and precision are cultivated in the intermediate class, both of which prepares participants for exciting skills that require a strong mind-body connection.


Entry into the Advanced Class is by invite only and involves a 1:1 lesson for skill review. Aerialists entering this level must already have an extremely strong knowledge of drops, wraps, core sequences, and the ability to explain their skills verbally. (Step by step & by name) They will also be asked to participate in a rigorous physical test to insure proper preparedness and safety.


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