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Benefits of Learning Preschool Gymnastics at an Early Age

Here, you’ll learn about preschool gymnastics, the right age to start learning gymnastics, and the benefits of starting at an early age.

Preschool gymnastics are an amazing way to instill interest in gymnastics in your children, build their athleticism, and prepare them well for other sports. Anyone can learn gymnastics but the sooner children start the better they learn.

Let’s take a look at when a child should start gymnastics and the benefits it offers.

When Should a Child Start Gymnastics?

Gymnastics are a great way to encourage a child’s interest in fitness and sports. 

When should a child start gymnastics? A child can start practicing preschool gymnastics as young as 18 months. 

Some might think that an 18-month old child is too young to practice gymnastics, but beginning early helps develop a lifelong interest in fitness. Every child is different and develops at their own rate.

Some 18-month old children don’t need their parents to accompany them to their gymnastic classes, while other children need their parents to be nearby. The classes at Hi-NRG are flexible and will work with what is best for each child.

When it comes to starting gymnastics, there’s no hard and fast rule regarding age. Although starting at 18 months of age will give a child a head start, children of older age groups can also become proficient at gymnastics.

What Gymnastics Classes Look Like for Different Age Groups

Let’s look at the skills that children of different age groups learn in their gymnastic classes:

Preschool Gymnastics (18 months – 5 years old)
Preschool gymnastics is a great way to spark interest in athleticism and fitness in preschoolers. These classes do not involve intense training but more resemble structured play. At Hi-NRG, preschoolers are taught through a systematic approach.

The first target is to build confidence through our comprehensive program. Once the children are comfortable and confident, the instructors teach the fundamentals of movement. This is to ensure that they develop a strong base for practicing gymnastics and it makes them less injury-prone.

Preschool classes also focus on building social skills, strength, and basic gymnastics skills to provide a strong foundation to later attempt moves like aerials, cartwheels, and other advanced skills.

Kids (5-7 years old)
When kids reach 5 years of age, they start practicing more challenging activities. That’s when they become competitive, practice with their peers, and become more aware of their skills and connections with their instructors.

If a child was previously enrolled in preschool gymnastics class, they will have a strong grasp of the fundamentals of gymnastics which will make their transition to more challenging skills easier. This is also the age when many kids are ready to practice more advanced gymnastics skills that show their artistic strength.


Benefits of Starting Early

There are a lot of benefits to preschool gymnastics.

Cognitive Skills Development
During gymnastics practice, not only is the body involved but the mind is also in use. Both sections of the brain work in concert to improve spatial awareness, coordination, and neuromuscular development.

Competitive Edge

Starting at an early age prepares a child well for advanced level gymnastics. By increasing the child’s athleticism and skill level, the child will ultimately have a competitive edge over other kids starting at a later age.

Better Bone Development

Starting out at an early age means that the child takes part in healthy activities, which results in better bone development and overall growth.

Increased Confidence and Self-esteem

One of the biggest advantages of preschool gymnastics is increased confidence and self-esteem. There is nothing more confidence building than when a student achieves a skill they have been working on for the first time. Activities such as gymnastics also help toddlers learn social skills in the group setting.

Why Confidence Building is a Critical Component at Hi-NRG Gymnastix

At Hi-NRG, confidence-building is one of the key activities in all of our classes. We believe in building these skills for gymnastics as well as for life. A toddler can’t be involved in any activity before being prepared properly. Our comprehensive confidence-building curriculum prepares children in preschool gymnastics class by teaching the basics of movement and letting them create a good visual memory. As the children gain confidence, practicing gymnastics skills becomes much easier.

Our confidence-building curriculum introduces athleticism to children and makes them interested in fitness and sports, which paves the path for them to learn sharply and efficiently. The benefits of confidence-building do not stop here; it helps children throughout life.

When children are confident, they are eager to perform and learn better than the previous day. They feel ready and learn advanced skills efficiently as they progress into the next level of classes.

Benefits and Advantages of 3-Year-Old Gymnastics

  • When children take part in 3-year-old gymnastics classes, they develop athleticism at an early age. This is not just helpful in gymnastics but in any other sport a child may pursue. It’s a valuable trait to have in everyday life as it gives you better physical coordination and self-confidence.
  • In 3-year-old gymnastics classes, kids start by learning the basics of movement through a confidence-building program, which instills confidence in them at a young age.
  • A gymnastics class geared to 3-year-olds enhances physical development. It provides an outlet for children to develop strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination. This all happens while a strong foundation for healthy habits is laid for the child to follow throughout their life.
  • Starting gymnastics as early as 3-years-old provides a routine for your child. When your child consistently takes part in physical activities, it gives them a sense of security and confidence.
  • Physically active preschoolers grow and develop both physically and mentally faster and more effectively than less active children. This impacts a child’s growth in multiple ways. Regular physical activity ensures better cardiorespiratory fitness, strong bones and muscles, healthy weight, reduced risks of developing mental illnesses, and reduced risks of developing heart problems at the later part of life.

Gymnastics for Kids – Benefits, Risks, and Activities

Gymnastics is an excellent sport for children and young people alike. Whether your child plans to take part in competitive gymnastics or not, its benefits are immensely valuable.


The benefits of gymnastics are realized on both physical and mental levels. Preschool gymnastics and 3- year-old gymnastics lay a strong foundation for all athletics. The skills that children develop in gymnastics can be leveraged in other sports like hockey, football, basketball, and volleyball to name a few.

Gymnastics for kids are great for overall health as well. The immediate benefits of gymnastics are realized in the form of better physical strength and stamina.

When children practice gymnastics, they develop their mind and body coordination.

Starting at an early age develops sportsmanship in children and makes them a humble and supportive sportsman, which plays a key role in long-term success


Like with any other sport, gymnastics also carries risks, though it doesn’t mean that you should hesitate to get your children enrolled in preschool gymnastics or upper-level classes.

Risks can be avoided in many ways. Some of the practices that Hi-NRG implements to minimize risks are:

  • Laying strong foundations of fundamentals by teaching the basics of movements to children
  • Giving children confidence through our comprehensive confidence-building curriculum
  • Having professional and highly-trained instructors supervising the children at all times to ensure they are practicing gymnastics in a safe manner

Where to Enroll for Preschool Gymnastics?

Are you interested in enrolling your child in preschool gymnastics? Hi-NRG offers preschool gymnastics classes to children starting as young as 18 months.

At Hi-NRG, we use a unique approach to teach gymnastics to children. We understand that 18-month old children are still learning how to navigate social situations. Some are shy, while others are eager to explore each new skill. Parents are always welcome to accompany their children to our preschool gymnastics classes until they start to build their confidence and are ready to do everything on their own.

The sooner you enroll your children in gymnastics the better results you receive. When you enroll a preschooler in gymnastics, it takes only a little amount of time for them to develop a lasting interest when compared to children who begin at an older age. So, it pays off to enroll kids when they are between the ages of 18 months to 3 years.

Hi-NRG offers gymnastics classes at locations including Lake St. Louis, Chesterfield, Eureka, and O’Fallon in Missouri.

Parent & Child Classes : (18 months-36 months)

Our parent & child class gives toddlers a jump start in fitness and social development. With the guidance of our Hi-NRG staff, you can teach your child to explore the world around them in new and exciting ways. Children are developing rapidly during the first three years. Emotional and cognitive development as well as confidence is strongly correlated to healthy movement, learning a variety of skills and making new connections. Your child will roll down mats, swing on bars, walk across the beam, hang on rings and bounce on various trampolines. Sign up today and enjoy the excitement of our parent-child class that combines gymnastics and gross motor activities to produce the stimulation young minds crave. Every child must be accompanied by an adult.

Preschool Gymnastics: (Ages 3-5)

Preschool classes are structured to help young children cultivate confidence, focus, coordination and agility. They will learn the basics of gymnastics in a fun and playful environment. Hi-NRG coaches encourage each child to try new stations/drills to build the elements of gymnastics. Our lesson plan includes skills such as: handstands, cartwheels, forward and backward rolls, candlesticks on bars, walking and bear crawling on beams, and basic elements on trampoline. Our emphasis is on the excitement of learning! We believe that every child is eager to learn due to the exhilarating experience when making new connections. We instill an “I CAN” attitude which will improve skills in all athletics for years to come.

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