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Boys Programs

All of Hi-NRG programs build confidence through tumbling, gymnastics, trampoline, aerial silks, preschool programs and private lessons that create glowing smiles!

Boy’s Trampoline, Tumbling, & Obstacles

Our dynamic and fast-paced boys classes are designed to build agility, strength and flexibility in a fun atmosphere! Our knowledgeable, well-trained coaches challenge your son’s coordination and give him the opportunity to move in a way that might make even Spider-Man jealous. The best part of the program is the confidence your son cultivates as he learns new skills. Our goal: to help your son become the BEST ATHLETE HE CAN BE by increasing his confidence, coordination and strength. We teach the exciting, high-energy skills that are sure to spark your X-treme son!

Special needs Gymnastics

Adaptive Gymnastics is for all skill levels for those in the special needs community! This class will challenge their cognitive and motor skills as well as increase their confidence. Each athlete will be challenged to their own abilities while learning some of the gymnastics curriculum including bars, beam, floor, and trampoline. All skills can be broken down into learning components best suited for each athletes ability. This 50 minute structured class will help with improvements in balance, strength, and flexibility.


CO-ED Trampoline Classes

This co-ed class focuses on the fundamentals of trampoline skills and safety. This class is appropriate for ages 5 & up and for beginners who are just getting a start in gymnastics and trampoline. It is geared to athletes who are interested in learning the basic skills of trampoline in a fun and safe environment. Hi-NRG Instructors emphasize appropriate skill progressions, take-off position, and air awareness.


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