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The Trampoline Academy, located in Chesterfield Valley, offers innovative curriculum with proper skill progressions and trampoline safety.  This facility has a 500 square foot state-of-the-art air bag, as well as Olympic trampolines, tumble tracks and ninja obstacles! Why visit the Trampoline Academy instead of a bounce park? Try a FREE introductory class and see why “Our Coaches Make the Difference.”

Trampoline Academy is currently offering the following classes:


Trampoline Class:

This co-ed class focuses on the fundamentals of trampoline skills and safety. This class is appropriate for ages 5 & up and for beginners who are just getting a start in gymnastics and trampoline.  It is geared to athletes who are interested in learning the basic skills of trampoline in a fun and safe environment.  Hi-NRG  Instructors emphasize appropriate skill progressions, take-off position, and air awareness.

G-Trampoline Skills & Games:

G-Trampoline stands for Garden (Backyard) Trampoline. This class will focus on bed skills like a pull-over full turn, kaboom, cody and playing add-on. Plus, off-axis twisting corks and ball outs too. The coaches will lead the athletes in step-by-step progressions to help students understand air awareness and safety protocol for each skill. This class is perfect for ages 9 & up who want to learn unique skills and proper safety to perform on any trampoline.

Boys Freestyle Advanced:

The Boys Freestyle Advanced class is geared to boys who want to up their trampoline skills and reach the next level. Requirement: standing back tuck on trampoline.

Girls Advanced:

The Girls Advanced class is specifically for girls who want to work on advancing their trampoline and tumbling skills. Your daughter is sure to reach new levels in this more challenging class. Requirement: standing back handspring on trampoline.

Advanced Twisting:

This class will focus on correct twisting technique by instructors who will demonstrate each step of the process. Our well-trained coaches deliver a comprehensive curriculum that provides quick results by utilizing unique drills learned from international coach Greg Roe.  The main goal is to move the twisting skills from trampoline to tumble track, and eventually to the floor.  Learning to twist at HI-NRG is easy and fun. Requirement: strong layout on trampoline.