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HI NRG is pleased to offer our exclusive Private Lesson Academy (PLA) to athletes who are comitted to setting and achieveing goals… who are ready to put forth the effort to get extraordinary results! Athletes will enjoy high repetition on the skils they are targeting and individual attention. PLA is designed to complement a weekly tumbling class providing twice the results of the average learning curve. In addition, athletes are expected to participate in Sports Performance Training in order to build athleticism. Our goal is to add 20% to each athletes vertical leap as well as the skills that correspond to powerful legs and fast twitch. The Sports Performance Training of PLA is important in decreasing overuse injuries and hitting your tumbling goals, and IS INCLUDED in your PLA session. This is a results oriented program and the results are guarenteed!

Class format is as follows: 3 athletes to 1 coach; athletes will be given instruction on floor (tumbling), and tumble trac (trampoline). This is a 60 minute program which includes 15 minutes of dynamic warm-up followed by the small group private lesson. In addition, athletes will participate in the 40-minute sports performance training session held after the 1 hour lesson.

PLA classes are 1 hour and 40 minutes long and ONLY $250 for a package of 4! (or $62.50 per lesson)