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Parent & child classes: (18 months-36 months)

Our parent & child class gives toddlers a jump start in fitness and social development. With the guidance of our Hi-NRG staff, you can teach your child to explore the world around them in new and exciting ways. Children are developing rapidly during the first three years. Emotional and cognitive development as well as confidence is strongly correlated to healthy movement, learning a variety of skills and making new connections. Your child will roll down mats, swing on bars, walk across the beam, hang on rings and bounce on various trampolines. Sign up today and enjoy the excitement of our parent-child class that combines gymnastics and gross motor activities to produce the stimulation young minds crave. Every child must be accompanied by an adult.

Classes are 50 minutes long and run in 6-week sessions.

Preschool Gymnastics: (Ages 3-5)

Preschool classes are structured to help young children cultivate confidence, focus, coordination and agility. They will learn the basics of gymnastics in a fun and playful environment.  Hi-NRG coaches encourage each child to try new stations/drills to build the elements of gymnastics.  Our lesson plan includes skills such as: handstands, cartwheels, forward and backward rolls, candlesticks on bars, walking and bear crawling on beams, and basic elements on trampoline. Our emphasis is on the excitement of learning! We believe that every child is eager to learn due to the exhilarating experience when making new connections. We instill an “I CAN” attitude which will improve skills in all athletics for years to come.

Classes are 50 minutes long and run in 6-week sessions.