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Girls Gymnastics

This is our signature program that takes students to the next level through gymnastics and fitness. We fine-tune skills emphasizing strength, flexibility, body alignment, and balance. Skills taught include forward and backward rolls, handstands, cartwheels, and basic skills on the bars, beam, and vault. When ready, students are taught round-offs, handstand rolls, and more advanced skills on all gymnastics equipment. Every day we deliver gymnastics and fitness with a smile!


These are considered our level 1 & 2 classes for beginer gymnasts ages 5-12. Girls in these classes will learn the basics of gymnastics on the floor, vault, beam, and bars. While building strength and coordination for years to come.


Our advanced girls gymnastic class takes gymnastics to the next level. Girls will be working on building their previous skills. To be in this class you must have mastered a Pull Over, a Back Bend Kick Over, and a Running Round-Off.

Girls Gymnastics & Ninja Obstacles:

This class focuses on gymnastics skills while incorporating ninja obstacles to increase stregnth and coordination. This is great for any girl who wants to learn more than just gymnastics.