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Beginner Tumbling & Cheer Jumps:

The Beginner Tumbling & Cheer Jumps class is perfect for ages 5-8 who want to learn the fundamentals of tumbling and cheer skills. This class will work on handstands, cartwheels, round-offs, cheer jumps, cheer motions, and so much more! We will also focus on building balance, flexibility, and strength required to advance as an athlete. Class is offered at Trampoline Academy in Chesterfield.

Middle School Cheer & Tumbling:

The Middle School Cher class is designed for middle school girls who want to learn the basics of cheer and tumbling. This class will focus on cheer fundamentals such as cheer motions, jumps, chants, and stunt safety. As well as beginner tumbling skills such as handstands, cartwheels, round-offs, back handsprings, and so much more! This class will also work on balance, agility, flexibility, and strength to advance as an athlete.

Cheer Squads:

Hi-NRG provides the BEST stunt/tumbling instruction to cheer squads.   Our highly qualified coaches will work with the athletes on their specific needs.  The program is unique in that we not only teach and break down the popular skills such as round-offs, back handsprings, and fulls; we also work with stunt groups on new combinations as well as perfecting already learned stunts.  Our coaches provide the necessary drills and techniques to improve the squad’s overall fitness.   In addition to tumbling and stunting, we work on jumps, motions, and polishing routines.  Hi-NRG is able to schedule week long camps for your squad or weekend/day clinics to give you an edge up on the competition. We are proud to say we’ve helped many athletes make college cheer squads!

Call for pricing on Week long camps or Weekend/Day clinics! 636-532-7762

Cheer Events:

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