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Boys Gymnastics & Ninja Obstacle Classes:

Our exciting boys classes are designed to build agility, strength, flexibility and fun! Our knowledgeable, well-trained coaches challenge your son’s coordination and give him the opportunity to move in a way that might make even Spider-Man jealous. The best part of the program is the confidence your son cultivates as he learns new skills and sees his agility and balance grow. Our goal: to help your son become the BEST ATHLETE HE CAN BE by increasing his confidence, coordination and strength. We teach the dynamic, high-energy skills that are sure to excite your X-treme son!

Boys Trampoline and Tumbling Class: (Intermediate & Advance)

This class will focus on strenth and coordination while building new skills to your child’s previous skills. We strive every week to make our Boys Program the BEST in the area! For this class you must be able to do a Pullover, Front Tuck, and Roundoff!