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Here at HI NRG Gymnastix we offer programs for adults to get active and fit at the same location as their children! We offer everything from Personal Trainers, to Bio Density, to Aerial Silks classes. You are not required to have any prior gymnastics experience to participate! Just a desire to be active in a fun and encouraging enviornment. Whether you’re looking to lose weight or inches, increase strength, tone up, boost performance, increase your metabolism or improve your nutrition, Hi-NRG Performance has a solution that will fit your specific needs.

Personal Training:

Our personal training classes deliver customized fitness programming and nutritional guidance, designed to help you meet your goals, all while allowing you look, feel, and be your best. You can meet one on one or with a small group in a time that fits your schedule right here at our HI NRG gym off of long road in the chesterfield valley.

Only $8 for 50 minutes of small group private lesson training if your child is in class here at HI NRG Gymnastix

Only $15 for 50 minutes of small group private lesson training if you do not have a child attending class here at HI NRG Gymnastix


In just 5 minutes a week you can increase bone and muscle strength!

Advantages: Reverse and Prevent Osteopenia and Osteoporosis, Better Posture, Increased Metabolism, Joint Health Improvement, Muscle Synergy, Muscle Response, Muscle Density, and so many more benefits!

How it works: Using four exercises (chest press, leg press, core pull, and vertical lift), bioDensity allows individuals to gain bone and muscle density in as little as 5 minutes a week.

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Adult Get Fit & Fly Classes:

Who says FLYing is just for kids! Get all the benefits of a Pilates or yoga class while you defy gravity for a great core workout!


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